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ไมโครบิท โรบอต

ไมโครบิท โรบอต

micro: Maqueen micro:bit Educational Programming Robot Platform

Note: micro:bit board and AAA batteries are not included.Hi, I am Maqueen!Hello, my name is Maqueen, is a graphical programming robot for STEM education, which in..

THB1,064.00 Ex Tax: THB1,064.00

Tiny:bit smart robot car for micro:bit (without micro:bit)

Tiny:bit is a robotic car for the micro:bit education market. It is compact, easy to assemble, and easy to move in tight spaces. The Tiny:bit smart car is based on the mi..

THB988.00 Ex Tax: THB988.00

ElecFreaks Ring:bit Car v2 for micro:bit (without micro:bit)

This Ring:bit Car from Elecfreaks is a small DIY smart car driven by the BBC micro:bit and the ELECFREAKS Ring:bit. The Ring:bit extends the micro:bit's 3 GPIO ports and ..

THB752.40 Ex Tax: THB752.40

Running:bit compatible with LEGO (without micro:bit)

The Running:bit building block kit with 173 blocks, two-building block motors and a building block servo that can be used to build the pretty car, Proficient Carrier, Rob..

THB2,090.00 Ex Tax: THB2,090.00

Omni:bit smart robot car with Mecanum Wheel (without micro:bit) Out Of Stock

Omni:bit smart robot car with Mecanum Wheel (without micro:bit)

This Omni-directional mobile smart car is made up of 146 blocks, 4 building blocks motors and 4 Omni-directional wheels. With the Super:bit expansion board with power..

THB2,660.00 Ex Tax: THB2,660.00

micro:bit Smart Cutebot (without micro:bit)

Cutebot is a rear-drive smart car driven by dual high speed motors. It is mobile robot base on micro:bit controller.Note: The robot does not include micro:bit, please..

THB988.00 Ex Tax: THB988.00

: Move Mini Buggy Kit

The Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy kit for the BBC micro:bit provides a fun introduction to robotics. The :MOVE mini is a 2 wheeled robot that is suitable for autonomous opera..

THB1,330.00 Ex Tax: THB1,330.00

Spider:bit compatible with LEGO (without micro:bit)

This is a kit based on micro:bit controller. With the Super:bit expansion board, 142 blocks and 2 building blocks servos, you can be build a spider that can be controlled..

THB1,512.40 Ex Tax: THB1,512.40

Robot Arm Building Block (w/o micro:bit)

This Arm:bit is made up of 537 blocks and 4 durable building blocks. The user can control it to complete the 4 degrees of freedom operation and pick up the items by the A..

THB2,660.00 Ex Tax: THB2,660.00

Spin (Ferris Wheel) Building Block (w/o micro:bit)

Spin:bit building block kit contains 265 blocks and a building block motor that can be built into the shape of a Ferris wheel. It supports Android/iOS mobile phone Blueto..

THB1,748.00 Ex Tax: THB1,748.00

BitCar (Without micro:bit)

BitCar is a micro:bit based do-it-yourself robot designed for STEM education. It’s easy to assemble, easy to code and fun to play with. The car uses two high-quality meta..

THB950.00 Ex Tax: THB950.00

rero:micro Coding Robot (incl. micro:bit)

 Fully-Assembled Robotrero:micro comes fully-assembled out of the box. No assembly needed. No tedious and difficult-to-follow construction steps before you can ..

THB3,420.00 Ex Tax: THB3,420.00

micro:bit Jet Mole Kit (without micro:bit)

What is Twin Drill Jet Mole?The Twin Drill Jet Mole is a product made for the book "Introduction to Mass Production for Makers and Startups (O'Reilly Japan)". Based o..

THB1,292.00 Ex Tax: THB1,292.00