PiTFT Plus 2.8-inch Capacitive Touchscreen

PiTFT Plus 2.8-inch Capacitive Touchscreen

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Is this not the cutest little display for the Raspberry Pi? It features a 2.8" display with 320x240 16-bit color pixels and a capacitive touch overlay. That's right, instead of a resistive touchscreen, which requires a fingernail or stylus, you can now use a fingerpad. The screen looks much nicer, with a black bezel and glass overlay. If you don't need a capacitive touchscreen, check out the resistive touch version.

This updated design fits perfectly onto the Pi 4, Pi Zero, Pi 3, Pi 2 or Model A+, B+! (Any Pi with a 2x20 connector) Not for use with an old Pi 1 with 2x13 connector.

The display and touchscreen uses the hardware SPI pins (SCK, MOSI, MISO, CE0) as well as GPIO #25 and #24. All other GPIO are unused. Since we had a tiny bit of space, there's 4 spots for optional slim tactile switches wired to four GPIOs, that you can use if you want to make a basic user interface. For example, you can use one as a power on/off button.

It comes fully assembled and ready to plug into your Pi! No more soldering is required.

Adafruit has created a custom kernel package based of off Notro's awesome framebuffer work, so you can install it over your existing Raspberry Pi OS (a.k.a.:Raspbian) or derivative images in just a few commands. This tutorial shows you how to install the software, as well as calibrate the touchscreen, show videos, display images such as from your PiCam and more!


Packing list:

  • 1 x PiTFT Plus 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen


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