Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger

N2 Plus Universal Charger

Rechargeable battery like 18650 Li-ion and Ni-MH (AA) battery are getting more popular due to the long term economic saving and of course evironmental friendly (good to o..

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Lithium Battery TP4056 1A USB-C Charger with Protection

This is a single-cell lithium base battery charger & protection module that comes with USB-C socket :) The charging will be via the USB-C (female) receptor. As USB-C is g..

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Dual 18650 Dual Output 3.3V and 5V USB Module

This module is a portable mobile power supply that supports 3.3V/1A and 5V/2.2A two voltage outputs. It is designed specifically for rechargeable 18650 lithium ion batter..

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Dual 18650 Li-Ion Battery Charger

Low cost dual slot 18650 sized Li-Ion battery charger that able to charge your 18650 Li-Ion independently. Seperate LED to show the charging status for each battery. ..

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5V 1A Booster and Charger Power Bank Module

Make your own 5V power bank from single-cell Li-po or Li-ion battery (18650 or 14500) with this Booster and Charger Power Bank Module. It is based on 134N3P IC.It com..

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5V 2A Power Bank 18650 Module

Note: From 18 Sept 2020 onwards, the position of USB type A output discharger is changed to be at the end, opposite to micro USB charger instead of at the side of the mod..

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1A LIPO Charger Module with Protection

Single-cell lithium base battery charger & protection module. The charging will be via a micro B connector. Lithium base battery includes Li-po and Li-ion battery as the ..

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M5StickC Li-ion 18650 Power Pack

18650C HAT is a rechargeable battery base designed for M5StickC with a built-in 18650 large capacity rechargeable lithium battery. It can provide long-term endurance ..

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