Rotary Encoder Kit

Rotary Encoder Kit

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This rotary encoder kit can be used for sensing motor's position and velocity. It is a very simple kit consisted of an optical beam sensor (opto switch, phototransistor) and a piece of slotted disc. It can be connected to any microcontroller via the 3-pin header. The optical beam sensor detects missing slots of the slotted disc, and generates a pulse train.

It requires +5VDC to power up, and gives a 0V and 5V output. It provides a 5V output when the beam is blocked, and a 0V output when the beam is unblocked. Your microcontroller can simply read the 0-5-0V pulse train to determine how far your motor has traveled, and how fast.

The kit includes a green LED that light up when the beam is uninterrupted.


  • Operating Voltage: 5 VDC
  • Pulse: 8 PPR
  • Output Signal: Digital output
  • Direct connection to microcontroller (internal pull-up to 5V)
  • Able to read up to 1KHz
  • Slotted Disc Diameter: 35mm
  • PCB Dimension: 15mm x 34mm



how to connect this kit to arduio uno and how to program this kit so that it can be use as a wheel detector.

if wheel rotate, led OFF.
if wheel not rotating, led ON.
( Sara, 29/01/2019 )
Hi, you may refer to the user manual on the installation part. For more details, please post on our forum as here is for short inquiry only.
I have one of these which has the following information on PCB "RE08A Sep 13 Rev1.0.1" You guys put a 33 ohm resistor for the IR emitter? The datasheet says that the Vf(max) = 1.7V and If(maxC) = 60mA. Using Ohm law=> (5 - 1.7)/60 = 55ohm (This is based on absolute maximum rating) and you guys have put a 33 ohm resister. In couple of minutes the resister goes all the way up to 70 degree of Celsius. How did this pass your R&D and QC? In user manual every pic. has different resistor!!! ( Ali, 03/08/2016 )

Hi, we apologies for any inconvenience occured. We will replace your Rotary Encoder Kit with a new one. Please contact us at for the details. Again, we apologise for any inconvenience. 

Hi... Do you guys have the one which has the optical sensor placed length wise???....with respect to this kit, it would have the actual sensor module rotated 90 degrees.....That is, the rotary wheel spins parallel to the board rather that across it????....If no, would it be posibble to get the kit, and place it on another PCB such that it is length wise.....???? ( Nacanieli Tabua, 08/04/2016 )

Hi. Sorry we do not have that. Thanks. :)

Hello Cytron. Can I use this encoder kit for the 450W Electric Scooter Motor with Gear? ( nidzwan, 26/10/2015 )

Hi, it is possible but required extra work for the kit's installation on the motor. Hence, it is not recommended to use this with the motor. Thanks. :)

Can I get this product shipped to India? ( Harsh Naik, 02/09/2015 )

Yes, we ship to all country :)

Hi, I want to use this with a 3.3V Micro I am using. Is it possible to power this sensor with 3.3V? Would I need to replace some of the resistors to make this possible? Thank you. ( EdMec, 19/06/2015 )

Hi. Yes, this rotary encoder can be power up by 3.3V. 

hii can this encoder kit be used with any servomotor? ( zakia, 07/12/2014 )

RC Servo? Normally Servo motor comes with its own feedback. Anyway, as long as the disc can be mounted to your motor and the sensor can senses the disc, it can be used.

If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

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