-15% Out Of Stock TF-Luna ToF LiDAR Module - 8 meters Distance Sensor

TF-Luna ToF LiDAR Module - 8 meters Distance Sensor

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    This is the TF-Luna from Benewake, it offers range detection from 20cm to 8 meters and it is a single-point ranging LiDAR Distance Sensor, based on the TOF principle. With unique optical and electrical design, it can achieve stable, accurate, and highly sensitive range measurement.

    The product is built with algorithms adapted to various application environments and adopts multiple adjustable configurations and parameters so as to offer excellent distance measurement performances in complex application fields and scenarios.

    How does this LiDAR work?

    TF-Luna is based on TOF, namely, Time of Flight principle. It emits modulation waves of near-infrared rays on a periodic basis, which will be reflected after contact with an object. The LiDAR obtains the time of flight by measuring the round-trip phase difference and then calculates the relative distance between the LiDAR and the detected object.

    TF-Luna supports power saving mode for power-sensitive applications, it reduces its power consumption by adjusting both the current level and duty cycle of the light source. With a 5 V power supply, TF-Luna’s power consumption on Continuous ranging mode is about 350 mW as the light source switch to the highest current level and duty cycle.

    Possible Applications:

    • Robot: Robot obstacle avoidance, Robot anti-drop protection
    • UAV: UAV obstacle avoidance, UAV altitude setting
    • Smart City: Smart toilets, Smart trash bins
    • Smart Retail: Smart ad trigger, Smart mirror trigger


    • Model: Benewake TF-Luna
    • Low-cost ranging LiDAR module
    • Compact Size for easy deployment in LIDAR projects
    • Low Power Consumption for longer usage periods
    • Light Weight Design ideal for UAV applications
    • High Frame Rate Range Detection through high stability and accuracy
    • In-built Algorithms to suit for various application environments
    • Adjustable configurations and parameters for complex application scenarios
    • Easy Firmware Upgradability via the TTL-USB connection with PC
    • Operating range of 20cm to 8 meters (90%reflectivity)
    • Accuracy: ±6cm at (0.2 - 3 m) 2 | ±2% at (3 - 8 m)
    • Distance resolution: 1 cm
    • Frame rate: 1-250 Hz3
    • Ambient light immunity: 70 Klux
    • Operation temperature: -10 ~60 °C
    • Optical parameters
      • Light source: VCSEL
      • Central wavelength: 850 nm
      • Photobiological safety: Class1 (IEC60825)
      • FOV: 2°4
    • Electrical parameters
      • Supply voltage: 3.7 - 5.2 V
      • Average current: 70 mA
      • Power consumption: 0.35 W
      • Peak current: 150 mA
      • Communication level: LVTTL (3.3V)
      • Communication interface: UART / I2C
    • Housing: ABS+PC
    • Storage temperature: -20 ~75 °C
    • Weight: <5 g
    • 35 x 21.25 x 12.5 mm (L x W x H)


    Packing List:

    • 1 x TF-Luna ToF LiDAR Module - 8 meters Distance Sensor
    • 1 x 6-Pin Communication Cable


    Can I directly connect this with Pixhawk on Mission Planner or I have to configure it to Pixhawk with FDTI? ( Bone, 04/10/2020 )
    Hi, you may reach our technical team at support@cytron.io and our team will assist you as soon as possible. Thanks :)
    Do this LiDAR able to use for ROS system with raspi or jetson nano? ( ho weng keat, 10/08/2020 )
    Not answered yet.

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