-15% Hokuyo Digital Fiber Sensor (Red LED)

Hokuyo Digital Fiber Sensor (Red LED)

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    • รหัสสินค้า: PCF-CR
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    This is a very common general purpose light transmission sensor used in manufacturing industry. Besides general purpose application such as counting and object detection, it offers digital display to show the intensity of the light reflected. With this, we can used it to differentiate two different colors, therefore line following is another posible application. 

    The others advantages including one-press teaching mode, programmable, save setting and etc.

    • Brand: Hokuyo, Japan
    • Sensing ranges: 250mm
    • Operating power: 12-24VDC
    • Light source: Red LED
    • NPN output (digital signal)
    • Dual output signals
    • Respond time: 250uS
    • Come with amplifier only, fiber optic sold separately
    • Recommended to used together with Fiber Optic
    What is the difference between the Hokuyo Digital Fiber Sensor (Red LED) &Hokuyo Digital Fiber Sensor (G reen LED) in terms of functionality and applications. ( Jonathan Pereira, 03/12/2015 )

    Hi, both types are same in terms of functionality and applications. The differences are colour of LED (light emits from the sensor) and its colour surface detected (eg. For red colour LED, good to detect object with white surface) Thanks. :)

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