Raspberry Pi UPS3 with Lithium Battery HAT, 5.1V 3A

Raspberry Pi UPS3 with Lithium Battery HAT, 5.1V 3A

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UPS3 is the upgrade version of UPS2.

Raspberry Pi UPS3 HAT is compatible with:

If you happen to need one of the Raspberry Pi mainboards, please check out this page.


  • UPS 3 ONLY supports Linux OS, DON'T use UPS 3 on windows OS.
  • The capacity of the included Lithium Battery is 2600mAh, but you can use the larger capacity battery, but make sure it is Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer battery type, single-cell which has a rated voltage of 3.7VDC.
  • Don't connect the micro USB/USB-C to the Raspberry Pi mainboard. Please connect the USB-C to the UPS HAT board. The USP HAT will provide power to the Raspberry Pi board via the GPIO pins.
  • If you need the USB-C power adapter, get it from here:

Features and specifications:

  • Raspberry Pi standard HAT size, all components under the PCB board, and the use of a 5mm high female socket, it reduces the thickness of the expansion board, easy to put into an enclosure or case. You can use the header to increase the height.
  • Equipped with a custom long header.
  • Supports dual power supply of type-C.
  • Type-C power supply interface is compatible with a variety of fast charge standard PD2.0/QC3.0/QC2.0 (5V/3A), default 3A charging current, the integrated chip will intelligently adjust the charging current according to the battery and power capabilities.
  • Up to maximum 3A current output.
  • Long press power button 2 seconds to power on/off.
  • With 4 LED power indicator (short press power button to view battery capacity)
  • Supports AUTO POWER ON function (need to select the AUTO UPS switch to ON)
  • Use TI battery monitoring IC with patented Impedance Track algorithm
  • Support I2C communication to read battery capacity, voltage, charge status, and battery life (please refer to wiki)
  • With over-charge, over-discharge protection and overheat protection
  • The capacity of the lithium Battery MUST be more than 2500mAh.

Packing list:

  • 1 x UPS HAT 3 Board
  • 1 x custom long header
  • 1 x 3.7V 2600mAh lithium-polymer battery


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