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Battery Connector

Battery Connector

2 x AA Battery Holder for micro:bit- 2xAA with On/Off Switch

As micro:bit is gaining traction in this region, powering it is a must :)If you are new to micro:bit, it is a powerful embedded platform or microcontroller board ..

THB23.91 Ex Tax: THB22.35

2xAAA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch

As micro:bit is gaining traction in this region, powering it is a must :)If you are new to micro:bit, it is a powerful embedded platform or microcontroller board with..

THB23.91 Ex Tax: THB22.35

9V Battery Connector to DC Jack Arduino

This is a very useful connector, on one end is snap for the 9V battery, and another end is the standard DC jack (2.1mm). If you are using 9V battery to power your Arduino..

THB7.17 Ex Tax: THB6.71

DC Plug(Male) to Screw Terminal Adapter

It is very useful when you want to connect a battery to a board that comes with a standard 2.1mm DC jack. Many boards like Arduino Uno and our SK40C also come with the st..

THB15.94 Ex Tax: THB14.90

DC Jack(Female) to Screw Terminal Adapter

Female DC jack convert to screw terminal if you need to connect a DC power wall wart to a board that doesn’t have a DC jack. It is a very standard 2.1mm female head that ..

THB15.94 Ex Tax: THB14.90

9V Battery Holder With Switch+Cover+DC Jack

The Battery Holder is suitable for 9 Volt Batteries. The pro of having this battery holder is that it allows you to switch off power for Arduino without having to remove ..

THB31.09 Ex Tax: THB29.06

2.1mm DC Plug with Cable

Standard size DC plug (2.1mm) come with 21cm AWG22 cable. It is very useful to connect your power source to your target board.  ..

THB19.93 Ex Tax: THB18.63

2x18650 Battery Holder with DC Jack

18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery is very popular because of it capacity and voltage. We encourage user to use rechargeable battery because it reduce battery waste and sa..

THB29.49 Ex Tax: THB27.57

XT60 LiPo Battery Wire Extension 15cm - Male

The Li-Po battery usually comes with the special connectors that very hard for you to connect to your board directly because the battery is made for the RC applications. ..

THB39.86 Ex Tax: THB37.25

micro:bit Battery Holder - 2xAA (JST-PH)

Everyone loves micro:bit, the pocket-sized educational computer that inspires budding digital makers. The easiest way to power the BBC micro:bit board is using a USB Micr..

THB19.93 Ex Tax: THB18.63

9V Battery Holder Cover with switch

These Battery Holder are suitable for 9 Volt Batteries.They allow you to shut off power for Arduino without having to pull the barrel plug out each time.They have an easy..

THB19.93 Ex Tax: THB18.63

XT60 LiPo Connector

XT60 LiPo Battery Connector is another alternative for Lithium Polymer battery. It is made from high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both included in the in..

THB31.89 Ex Tax: THB29.80

HL2527 DC Plug (2.1mm) (Black)

Description: DC Plug or sometime called DC power jack/connector. This is a common power socket for DC adapter. These are compatible with our DC adapter wall supplies and ..

THB7.97 Ex Tax: THB7.45